Shapes & Colors of Rajabhat Community

Rajabhat University is a community-based university cluster in Thailand. The collaboration between 38 Rajabhat Universities around the country act to serve educational skills and knowledge such as courses, academic services and research. Therefore, this research aims to develop the open data from Rajabhat University called “Rajabhat Dataset“. It consists of two dataset types: the university dataset (courses, students, alums, teachers, staff, academic services research, etc.) and the community dataset (schools, households, healthcare, environment, economics, jobs etc.).

 Recently, every university has been facing financial pressure, old-fashion courses, etc. Therefore, it introduces machine learning to represent better guidance to solve this problem. Especially the Covid-19 pandemic is an opportunity to improve access for more students and transform their ability to learn and test to their satisfaction. For example, Valaya Alongkorn Rajabhat University (VRU) use the Rajabhat Dataset and AI to describe student trends and offer personalization and flexibility programs. It also classifies the Quality of Life (QoL) of the sub-district from Pathum Thani and Sakaew provinces. AI help university to identify and better support the pain points of the villager during the pandemic crisis with the university’s services. Finally, it presents hindsight (What is happening?), insight (What will happen?), foresight (How can it happen?) visualization from Rajabhat Dataset and AI approach as AI Community information.

AI Rajabhat Dataset

This is loneliness measurement tools for everybody. It’s fully free to use. All the data uses for the PhD research only.  

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